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changing lanes

Could you?

Could you let someone in, could you give them some space
Would it be too hard, to put a smile on their face

Could you open a door, if you’re already there
Where is the key…if not in your care

Could you slow down a little and take in the view

…be a bit thoughtful in all that you do

I’ve been thinking lately…about driving and drivers. More specifically about people and the way they drive…and how, when you think about it, it’s kind of a metaphor for how we live our lives.

For instance, I’m certain that some people think that when they indicate to change lanes that the earth automatically and most graciously responds to their signal and space simply strettttcccchhhhhes to allow a bigger gap between the two cars already in that lane.

Isn’t the universe awesome? Doing this just for them???

Just this morning I was on my way to work and about to turn right at a ridiculously busy intersection when the the car to my left suddenly braked and flicked their right indicator on. I didn’t hesitate to slow down and allow a gap for them to pull into, to make their life easier.
I saw the drivers hand go up and automatically waved back, feeling happy and satisfied with my good deed, only to realize that they were, in fact, simply brushing hair out of their eyes.

(Or quite possibly they were saluting the universe in recognition of its space stretching abilities…)

Either way it clearly had nothing to do with me.

Makes me wonder about people’s awareness of what’s going on around them. If you’re driving I assume you can see?

And then there is the story of the shiny black and white car who literally flew past me the other day, desperate to get ahead of the pack, going way too fast, but still swerving out of the path of the sidewalk sprinklers so his car would stay pristine. He took off into the distance, overtaking cars as he went…5 minutes later we both stopped at the same red light.

Sound familiar?

We all drive together, co-existing in our seperate little cars, taking turns at the lights and sharing the roads and highways as we move through our days…and barely a day goes by without someone relying on someone else to do something for them to make the journey more pleasant. Be it a big thing like stopping in the rain to help someone change a tyre or simply moving over to make space on the road.

When you think about it our cars engines even take turns using the oxygen around us….

So why is it so hard to thank the person who noticed you and accomodated your needs??

Why is it seemingly impossible for some people to see the other drivers at all? Speeding or simply just not seeing, and completely missing the opportunity to help another driver along their journey…

We could all be totally unaware and just sit still in our cars, ignoring the green lights, glued to our iphones checking Facebook, refusing to merge or give way and we’d all be stuck.

Or we could keep speeding down the road, with our own “important” agendas, and still wind up at the same destination regardless…

Just my thoughts

Until next time….enjoy the ride and keep it real!



First Breath

For my first blog post EVER I have pondered for a whole week, just what would I say??

What remarkable morsel of inspiration would I thrust upon my waiting audience (of two, possibly three people).

Then today I witnessed something so moving, so touching that I felt compelled, in my car pulled over on the side of the road in peak hour traffic, to put pen to paper (or finger to iPhone) and the end result was, surprisingly…a poem.

So, instead of attempting to be fabulous in my first ever blog post, I have decided instead to simply open my heart.

The story, as it turns out, is irrelevant, for this poem is the story of many.

I hope you like it 🙂

No more

That he may cry…no more

That he may have life… no more

That he may fall in love…no more
No more, will he marry his sweetheart
No more…their children…

Now of age, in suit and tie
a night to dream, of youth no more

His mothers cheek the last to kiss…

That she may bury her child
That she may say goodbye

That she may have only photos and memories…

…memories of a night to dream

That she may never hold those children of his…
That she may only weep and fight…

Fight what she may feel
Fight that she may ache
Fight she should accept?

No more his dreams
No more her dreams

That he may cry….no more

That she may cry.

No more

until next time…..keep it real 🙂 xx