First Breath

For my first blog post EVER I have pondered for a whole week, just what would I say??

What remarkable morsel of inspiration would I thrust upon my waiting audience (of two, possibly three people).

Then today I witnessed something so moving, so touching that I felt compelled, in my car pulled over on the side of the road in peak hour traffic, to put pen to paper (or finger to iPhone) and the end result was, surprisingly…a poem.

So, instead of attempting to be fabulous in my first ever blog post, I have decided instead to simply open my heart.

The story, as it turns out, is irrelevant, for this poem is the story of many.

I hope you like it 🙂

No more

That he may cry…no more

That he may have life… no more

That he may fall in love…no more
No more, will he marry his sweetheart
No more…their children…

Now of age, in suit and tie
a night to dream, of youth no more

His mothers cheek the last to kiss…

That she may bury her child
That she may say goodbye

That she may have only photos and memories…

…memories of a night to dream

That she may never hold those children of his…
That she may only weep and fight…

Fight what she may feel
Fight that she may ache
Fight she should accept?

No more his dreams
No more her dreams

That he may cry….no more

That she may cry.

No more

until next time…..keep it real 🙂 xx


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