The train stops.
The train starts.
It slows….it speeds up…

It’s course is set, it moves without care
Of where it’s going nor where it’s been.

So long as that line is straight and clear, the train will not be upset

The windows are clean but the view never changes

The stations are familiar and fleeting
People come and they go as the carriages fill…
Filled with their lives, their life, their love and their laughter

But the driver sits alone

The cabin in which he sits is solely for him
And his sole purpose is to keep the train on that track

At one of the stations a little girl waits…

She always waits this way


It stops sometimes….and when it slows….she stands up tall to be seen.

The driver sees her…little girl…all alone like he
…but he doesn’t see her tears

The cabin door is closed
And the train must move on

So she cries in silence

And the train is silent

And again they are both alone


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