who’s helping who?

Image We are all learning and we can all be teachers…

Wouldn’t it be great if we could wear L – Plates on our chests?

That probably sounds like a crazy idea, but hear me out…

As we all journey through our lives, we are each on our own unique path of learning, growing, and trying to become the best versions of ourselves. Some of us have only just been given our ticket to self awareness – only just brought our pimply, adolescent souls out onto the track – and some of us have been mastering the course for years.

In my experience, it is these newest “learners” in life, which often cause the most upset. Their innocent lack of awareness of what they are putting out into the universe makes them at best – slow on the roads, and at worst – “crazy bloody drivers”!

Its not really their fault though…they are new to all this, and the rest of us should know better.

After all we’ve been travelling this road a lot longer!

But what if we could see them coming? See their bright little “L -plate” shining in the window of their souls, gently reminding us to “go easy, please…I’m still learning”?

Perhaps we’d treat them with a little more kindness, allow them more space and even overlook the silly mistakes of inexperience as they make their way along the road.

Heck, we may even forgive them for going too slow, or for crashing occasionally!

As we grow and get a bit of life experience under our belts, we would then display a lovely big “P” on our chests, proudly telling the world, “HEY! I know a thing or two now, I am one of you now and can hold my own.”

“…but I am still fine tuning my skills so please don’t expect too much of me…”

Think about it! A learner could ask a P -plater for advice, knowing they would understand the fears and doubts of a novice, having been there themselves recently. And those that drive their cars like a pro could be compassionate teachers and set a good example to those following closely behind…

And those who are further along the path would be like driving instructors, bearing great big flashing signs announcing their awesomeness…”A1 driving academy” or “first class driving school” clearly telling the world of newbies, I have ALL the answers and if you sit beside me long enough, I will gladly share my secrets with you.

We need these experts, the ones who pretty much know all there is to know, and are joyously unafraid to let their light shine! Because, let’s face it….we all have something to learn, and you can’t learn from someone unless they truly have something to teach!

So, if you happen to be wearing an L-plate for now, don’t worry.

If you look, you’ll find many teachers along the way.

Go slow, ask for help…and as you learn, you’ll grow…

One day you’ll realise you have learnt so much that you too will have something to share…

Trust me!

…And if someone happens to ask you for help one day, feel proud that they have seen your light shining…take note of which sign they may be wearing and go easy if you must…but please don’t waste the opportunity to teach.


keep it real 🙂

Mandy xx












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