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(in other words…I am awesome)

I’ve spent most of my life comparing myself to other people…

…seeing their beauty or their talent
…thinking WOW…they are amazing, they are perfect!

and then…realising I am not exactly like them…I’ve felt bad.

We all do it.
It is as instinctive as it is destructive.
It smashes our self worth and undoes all the self esteem we’ve struggled to attain.

Appreciating strengths in another is all good and well…but when we use that as a measure of how we think we should be, feeling inferior as a result, we are missing the point completely.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realise, it is not perfection that we should be seeking

because perfection does not exist

And I’ve stopped feeling jealous of other peoples talents…

(Who gets to decide what makes “awesome” anyway?!)

I now embrace all that is imperfect, unique and beautiful in ME

I’m glad I don’t look, act, think, feel or “do” exactly like anyone else…because that would be so boring! (besides…I’ve kind of come to like my own brand of weird)

I love the rain. I kiss my cats. I get excited to put clean pajamas on. I love the smell of toilet paper. I hate having dirty hair. I can spend hours straightening pot plants and ornaments (I like things symmetrical) I’m often dancing on the inside and always singing out loud…I used to care how I sound (I don’t anymore). If I cut one fingernail short I have to cut them all. I smell shampoo before buying it. I hate gold jewelry. and licorice. oh, and anything coffee flavoured. well…except for coffee. I LOVE coffee!

This is ME…

and I think I’m pretty bloody awesome 🙂

keeping it real, as always



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