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My love

The One

My love….

The one I chose
The one I choose

The one I choose to keep in my heart

The one…

The one my heart longs for
The one I long to be with

My love…

The one I belong to
The one I belong with

Where belonging is enough

One love
My love….

The One

“My love” – what does it mean? When we talk about someone we are crazy about, who we’d die for, can’t live without and feel overwhelming feelings for…we tuck them safely into our hearts and call them our “love”.

But is it more than simply a label, a declaration of ownership that it appears to be?

Because love is a fuel for our souls, it is exchanged by everyone and is the currency for all feelings.

Some people take more than they give (we all know these people!)
others give way too much…and the more we have, the happier we are.

…by saying “my love” it implies that this other person is someone whom you can draw your much needed love from….love as a tactile thing you can hold, feel and be nourished by….

They are a source of love for you….your “love”!

We don’t refer to past lovers or enemies as “my hate“….

Of course not, hate is not something we give or take, it is simply the absence of love.

* * *

Feeling a bit philosophical…..and also feeling the love 🙂

Keep it real

Mandy xx