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Why aren’t we dancing?

Life is a journey, and we are all travellers

We enter the world with nothing but a small nap sack. Empty, save for our innocent souls…

Perfect and perfectly free.

New and alive, we listen to the sounds of our world.

Dancing, smiling, always free…

Our bodies grow and we become aware. Aware of our presence. Aware of our nakedness.

We find things we need to clothe our naked bodies and protect our vulnerable selves from the cold and dangerous new world we find ourselves in.

Tiny feet and hands need little shoes and gloves, the rocks under our feet kept at bay by rubber shields while precious fingers are protected from the cold.

Layers are worn, they keep us safe, warm and covered. Sometimes we are comfortable enough to choose soft gossamer threads, barely there layers, safe just as we are…

At times we have no choice, but to choose leather. Threatened, scared, cold and alone we put on heavy coats of protection.

Under the weight of our safety we dance less and less…

As limbs extend past infant sleeves so too must the layers change. Like a tree outgrowing its supple bark, it splits and curls, peeling to finally fall. Leaving a prefect new trunk, bigger and stronger but somehow still new…freed from the weight of all that dead bark, the tree begins to blossom.

The tree has no fear of letting go, but we do…

Clasping onto our too tiny layers, for fear of revealing what’s beneath, we tuck them into our nap sacks, add another layer, and continue on our journey.

Sometimes we hold on so tightly we simply put the new layers on top over of the ones already there, layers we no longer need.

Many times, many layers. Bulky and restricting.

Heavy knapsacks thrown over weighted shoulders, we trudge along our path. Never able to extend our branches. Feet barely shuffling, head bowed under the burden we carry.

Uncomfortable and pained. Shallow breath. Eyes closed.

Though the universe may send us sweet music on the winds, we are unable to dance…

* * *

But what if we could shed those layers? Empty out the burgeoning nap sack?

With the weight surrendered we would look up to the sky, take a deep breathe, and skip lightly down the road…


We would stretch out strong limbs that desire to feel the sun
We would feel nothing but the wind on our skin
We would remember the lightness of our souls….

and dance!

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Watch the noise…listen to the silence

I think it’s human nature to assume that super quiet people aren’t to be trusted…that we are better to “watch” them and stay on guard as we never really know what they’re thinking…

I myself have often felt somewhat suspicious of people who don’t ever talk, laugh at jokes or interact openly and often. Sounds stupid, but I’m willing to admit it.

Being a talker myself, I sometimes find myself thinking they must be hiding something….quietly judging those around them with unspoken words while the rest of us self-incriminate with our careless words.

Yes, I know that sounds crazy….

Loud people are so obviously obnoxious it is almost a relief knowing exactly where you stand with them!

Quiet people are surely unsure of themselves? They couldn’t possibly be happy or be thinking nice things….otherwise they’d share it, right??

Loud people, on the other hand, are fun to be around! Their jokes and laughter, wit and sarcasm can convince you that their heads are full of sunshine and lollipops…

Quiet people are miserable….no?

Loud people ooze confidence! Quiet ones are hiding, aren’t they?

As I get older, wiser and increasingly comfortable in my own skin….I realise that it is probably the other way around.

Some people are quiet for the simple reason that they’ve got nothing left to prove…

They are content and at peace with their inner world, the thoughts in their head, the all too common “demons” either heroically slayed or safely stashed away in that place known as “acceptance”. They’ve found a way of living in the world where they can just…be.


Because they’ve found this all important inner peace they no longer feel compelled to fight the outer world either. Interactions aren’t competitions. Conversations are no longer opportunities to make themselves HEARD (and liked, and accepted, and victorious!)

I do wonder if the ones who talk loudly – all the time – feel a need to announce themselves when entering a room – EVERY time – speak 4 times louder and more animated than absolutely necessary – ALL THE TIME – and basically keep you entertained with their mouths…..are actually the ones to “watch”.

They’ve got noisy heads, and they’ll gladly share it all with you if you let them

Pay attention instead to the quiet ones, they’re silent for a reason.

Their mouths are still because there heads are quiet.

Listen long enough and you just might hear what they are sharing with you…