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image Be like the crow flying high above the trees, hearing the chatter of the other birds within the rustling leaves but knowing she doesn’t have to settle amongst them….for she’s wise enough to know that the very same winds causing them to cling to the branches, not trusting their wings, is precisely what allows her to fly!

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Life is but a dream….

“Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream…”

Oh how we complicate things…us busy humans…filling each and every moment with unnecessary noise, action, drama, stuff.

The need to’s
and have to’s
and should do’s

Barely a minute to think
Hardly a moment to feel
Never a second to dream…

Speed of body, shortness of breathe… desperate to shave seconds off a frantic race…

Eyes dart from screen to screen, icons and Icons pulling our attention to matters of massive importance.

A fear of missing out
Of not knowing
Of not seeing

Information screaming at a pace quicker than the rate of our pulse…we sit in discomfort yet still we listen.

What if we simply stopped?
What if we just sat
And waited
And let the silence surround us…

Let the beat of our heart dictate the pace?
Let the sounds of our mind direct our thoughts?
Let the voice of our hearts begin to sing…

Feel the ever present power within that needs no signs or noise or flashing reminders…

Let that be enough

And simply breathe

….”merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily….”