Thoughts on self

The Closer You Look

Mirror mirror…


Wrinkle, grey hair, pimple, crows feet, brown spot, redness, dry patch, open pore, crease…

This bit too shiny, that part too dry

Uneven and imperfect, discolored and blemished…

The closer you look, the more you see

Why do we let a mirror question our beauty?

(It’s only a piece of glass reflecting what we see)

Each glorious day spent laughing and enjoying life is imbedded in our skin, every smile convincing the lines to stay forever curved upward.

Grey hairs of adulthood, blemishes to defy the loss of youth…as hormones continue to dance and our life force flows…

However lined and weary, those eyes have looked into our childrens’, as they took their first breath….

and gazed upward to witness the universe

Our lips have kissed..

                  …and breathed…

And spoken our truths…

and lovingly (desperately!) told our loved ones just what they mean to us.

Our skin has felt the warmth of the sun, the touch of a lover and the heartbeat of a newborn…

Our face (although imperfect) is cherished by those who love us back

and when gone…

will be missed far more than we’ll ever know…

So why do we look to a mirror to define our beauty??

Afterall, it’s only a piece of glass reflecting what we see

And the closer you look…

the more you’ll see


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